Thursday, September 8, 2016

Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Students: Advanced Learners in the Classroom

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It's already summer and I haven't signed my child up for anything to do!

I thought about it. It was on several to-do lists.  I was going to do it a month ago.  This morning I woke up and finally found the site (which was actually extremely simple) and signed Ryan up for Strength and Conditioning.  I am not sure why I procrastinated for so long. Perhaps it was life--grading papers, planning lessons, walking the dog, cleaning the house, planting my flowers, making a grocery list, paying bills, watching necessary Netflix, doing laundry, reading books and going to soccer games, track meets and tennis matches. You get it, the endless jobs we have as parents each and every day.  After I signed him up within 5 minutes, I clicked on the Advanced Learner tab on our district website.  I knew there were links I needed to check and/or update--just in case someone decided to check it out too.  When I did, I noticed all the amazing opportunities in and around Baraboo for our kids!  Right in our backyard, UW-Baraboo offers so many engaging and interesting courses.  Besides that, there are so many camps for kids with specific interests in STEM, art, health, athletics, music, and so much more.  I strongly encourage you to check it out.  It might take a little bit of exploring the link and scrolling down, but it will be well worth your time if you find something to keep the curiosities and talents of your hungry child well fed.  Feed them this summer with knowledge and imagination. Let them soak it in--challenging the seeds in their minds to grow!

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